Provo is a professional research laboratory established in Świdnik, Poland. We specialize in testing photovoltaic panels in accordance with the PN-EN 61215 standard.

At Provo, we create industry standards. Our qualified staff are people with passion and principles who constantly develop their potential and gain new knowledge in practice.

A photovoltaic installation is a complicated system made of components which quality determines its ultimate efficiency and safety.

We test the durability and quality of PV modules so that you can offer your customers a guarantee of reliability and safety of their devices and make sure they will enjoy using them in the long –term period.



The PROVO research laboratory offers services of specialized climatic tests, mainly in terms of photovoltaics, i.e. testing in accordance with the IEC 61215 standard.

Our equipment also allows us to test other products, devices, machines or components when it is required to check the properties of materials and stability of device parameters in changing conditions of temperature and air humidity. Precise temperature and humidity control and recording system provides appropriate conditions for aging tests.

Testing in climatic chambers enables:

  • Reflection of the actual working conditions / use of the tested product.
  • Research of resistance to the influence of climatic conditions of devices during operation or without load, and during storage.
  • Creation of climatic conditions according to given time courses or programmed cycles, e.g. simulating a multiple passage through 0°C
  • Monitoring specific parameters of the device’s operation or creating appropriate operating conditions using inspection channels in the chambers, e.g. monitoring the current flow or supplying electricity to the tested
  • Verification of the strength of products in extreme weather conditions




The highest quality standard is our priority. Meticulousness and professionalism are our determinants of a job well done.


We use high-quality equipment and modern research techniques to provide our clients with world- class, professional services.


Our specialists take care of the highest standard of performed tests. Only well-conducted tests guarantee a reliable assessment of the quality and strength of the tested modules.


We value partner business relationships based on responsible cooperation, trust and a sense of mutual respect.



The Provo laboratory uses professional climatic chambers that allow, among other things, long-term simulation of high temperature and humidity.

The laboratory also has a specialized hail simulator and a UV radiation simulator.
We also have modern laboratory facilities that allow us to take infrared photos of the tested objects.

  • Climatic chamber CTS CW-60/4
  • Angelantoni ACS PV8500 climatic chamber
  • Angelantoni ACS PV8500DH climatic chamber
  • Hail simulator
  • UV radiation simulator
  • UNI-T 513A insulation resistance tester
  • Stand for testing breakdown of current in conditions of high humidity (wet-leakage test)
  • Thermal blankets for heating PV panels
  • Darkroom and Nikon infrared camera




Przemysłowa 13
21-040 Świdnik